August Ning

Email: aning [🌀] princeton [⏺] edu
Twitter: @ataugustning
Linkedin: @atning

I am a third year Electrical and Computer Engineering PhD candidate at Princeton. I am advised by Prof. David Wentzlaff and work with the Princeton Parallel Group.

I did my undergrad at Duke in Electrical and Computer Engineering. I was advised by Prof. Krishnendu Chakrabarty and his graduate students and conducted research on VLSI testing.

I am supported by Princeton’s Gordon Y. S. Wu Fellowship and the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program.

Research Interests

I am interested in computer architecture research related to building chips: how can chip architectures be designed to be easier to realize on silicon and have faster time-to-market given a secretive semicondutor IP industry and vulnerable semiconductor manufacturing supply chains?

I am further interested in the future trends of chip architecture where finanical costs and manufacturing times are reduced and (potentially) reach zero.

I also work on the DECADES Project